The fastest Free2Play for Console.

World of Speed is the next generation of online Racing Games. Learn high tension in street races against the backdrop of world cities or challenge your opponents on legendary courses, such as the Nordschleife. The graphics leaves no wish unfulfilled, VR experience is as guaranteed as the dynamic and effective controls for a racing title.

WOS will appear as a free download on the best-selling virtual sports equipment of the planet:

The Niki Lauda of virtual motorsports?

E-sports is a phenomenon, one of the fastest growing areas at the intersection of digital interactivity and global networking. It attracts gamers, but also the commercial global players. It makes PC gamers and console junkies rich and famous and makes the masses enthusiaticm . It also fills stadiums – and thus fuels expectations for what will come “after television”.

LAUDA INTERACTIVE will be involved at all levels of e-sports to clearly decide who will be the next virtual Niki Lauda: one of our drivers.